Stal Yves Awouters sells talented bay gelding Quattro Ruote Motrici to China

Yves Awouters 08/07/2023 14:07 1 min

Stal Yves Awouters is thrilled to announce the successful sale of the exceptional bay gelding Quattro Ruote Motrici. This remarkable horse has recently found a new home and rider in the vibrant equestrian scene of China.

Quattro Ruote Motrici joined the stables approximately three months ago and quickly became a standout talent under the training of Yves Awouters. With dedication and careful guidance, Quattro's skills and potential were nurtured, resulting in remarkable progress in his training.

His natural athleticism, combined with a willingness to learn and please, makes him an ideal partner for any ambitious rider.

With his new rider in China, Quattro is ready to embark on an exciting journey. We’d like ego congratulate the new owner of Quattro Ruote Motrici and look forward to following their journey together.