Welcome to Stal Awouters,

where every horse gets a fair chance. 

It started rather by chance, when I accompanied my mother to the riding school every week. Two decades later, horses have become my life and it is my mission to give every horse, whether young or old, a fair chance. Just as I have been given opportunities. Educating, training and building horses with respect and trust is my starting point. Because a good foundation is the best guarantee for a higher return. ,

That's why I deliberately keep it small-scale, so that each horse gets enough attention. Do you want the best for your horse and from your horse? Then we can certainly work together.

Latest news

Jun 27
Stable staff wanted

Stable staff wanted

We’re looking for 2 new team members: a stable man and weekend helper.

Jun 08
Passionata Van Perschroeven

Our sweet Passionata Van Perschroeven sold to England

Passionata Van Perschroeven arrived at Stal Yves Awouters about two months ago and now found her new home in England.

May 30
Pella is sold

Pella is sold

This super brave mare leaves the stables to an American client. We wish the new owners good luck with this beautiful mare.

Apr 13
Sold : Hummer BB Z

Sold : Hummer BB Z

Also Hummer leaves the stables of Stal Awouters after a nice collaboration with Esha, the European sport horse auction is this one sold to a Belgian client.